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After you get your affiliate code copy and paste with any of the flyers below or copy URL from YouTube and paste your affiliate code with the photo or video for your social media followers
We are a Fast growing, awareness company in a Billion Dollar industry with thousands of real time leads daily. We are looking for Money Motivated individuals who are looking to make a six figure income and grow within our company.

Event planners and promoters looking to start their own business this is a business opportunity where you deposit $500 to get on board with us.
  • Website provided/Business cards and Flyers.
  • All IREPP are on 1099
  • Set your own schedule
Independent Representative Event Planner/Promoter(IREPP)
You get will get an event promotional contract with us for $2.5K/year
  • Weekly  training & Update
  • Authorized to sell tickets
  • Authorized to give away free complimentary passes
  • 20% on any deal your recommend
  • Residual contract @ 10%
  • Monthly bonus on success of company quota
  • Weekly bonus if company meet quota

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Transition from a IREPP to a VIMF Director.

Success IRP who generate more than $5,000 or more in sale within 30 days will automatically select a permanent PT or FT management position to work with our company (UCMI).
Over 30 management positions are available.
Payment varies based on experience.

Available positions

Social Media Promoters
Event cordinators
Appointment setters
Street Team Promoters
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