The HYPE Awareness Movie

Regular price $1,000.00

Vibes International Music Festival has team up with several movie producers and is now in the pre-production and planning stage of it's first awareness movie set to start casting for movie extras and lead rolls by September 1, 2017.

Business who are interested in being featured in the background of this movie can contact us, so that our writes can include their products, ads, logo or location in the back ground of this movie.

The movie will be produced to be ready for movie theater around the country by March 2018.

We will be shooting different part of the movie in several states, therefore there is no limit to out travel plan for supporters.

For anyone wishing to  be in our movie as a background cat member or extras, you must have a general entry ticket to the awareness festival to be considered for a part or volunteer.

Business sponsorship for this project starts at $1,000

  • Include national marketing campaign after production
  • Written in our movie script for background
  • Product placement during the shooting of the movie