Independent Sales Representatives

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Dear applicant, 


We are aware of your need to have a full time or part time job to help resolve your financial situation. Our company can offer you an alternative way to earn money working from home 1 hour per day when you become part of our production group. This offer will end July 21, 2017.   

Thank you and welcome to Vibes International Music Festival. (VIMF). VIMF is a cultural mix festival with several American, Caribbean and Latin artists, bands and DJ’s performing live.

On Saturday March 24, 2018, we will be hosting the first annual Vibes international music festival and community job fair at the Broward Regional Park, Lauderhill Florida. 

Our Annual International Music Festival that will focus on bringing awareness to Cancer, Sickle cell, Stroke Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Domestic against women and Gun Violence. Each year we plan to produce this event to have a nationwide effect on helping our communities and several nonprofit organizations.  

This one day festivities will include;          

  • Stadium seating with Live concert (Artists, Comedians, Outreach activist/Speakers, live Bands etc. DJ)
  • Main Field will be live stage show with several local and international artists, live bands, DJ’s and more.
  • Water Park/live dj’s for parents and kids
  • Lots of contestants activities such as karaoke, pageants, hair show competition and open mic for upcoming artists
  • Community job fair
  • Awareness workshops and opportunity workshops
  • 500 Selected winners in our great giveaway from several sponsors and supporters. 

We are looking for potential PT associates to hire as independent sales representatives (ISR), to work with us 1 hour per day.  Once you agree to get on board, the duties will include:

  • Randomly sending out a 25-50 links on social media or by emails each day.

The departments in which we are promoting are as follows;

  • Vendors (Food or any kind of business who want to sell products or service at the festival)
  • Entry tickets for the event
  • Business who wants to sponsorship (promotional package starts at $1K)
  • Job fair sponsors (Business seeking to hire $250 to reserve table/banner)
  • Participants entry tickets (Karaoke, Beauty pageant, open mic contest for upcoming artists)
  • Awareness contributors ( )
  • Membership to join our awareness company
  • Awareness Non-profit organizations partners
  • Movie production (Business sponsors, placement, movie extras or contributors for playing part of the movie)    

Each morning we will meet for 30 minutes by conference calls to discuss the results of the previous day and assign new task

  • Group Pay is based on the total results of all 10 selected representatives (We will be promoting for sponsors (Bronze package $1K) 10-19 deals closed per week $250/person, 20-40 deals closed per week $350/person and 41 or more deals per week $500/person).
  • Commission paid to the ISR who get the sales (10% of the online sale or contract),
  • Recommend a ISR and you will earn 25% of their weekly pay.
  • ISR must generate at least sale per week to stay on this marketing team,
  • If the ISR recommend more than 10 sponsors they will atomically be qualified to become one of our project director. Project director position pays a base salary $400/week plus $100 transportation expense.  Provide management for 3 to 5 different event coordinator see list below.  

Don’t hesitate! If you are ready to move forward pay the administrative to get free membership.

Get 10 or more sponsors or vendors before September 1, 2017 and you will be assign to a project manager position

    Event supervisors/coordinators positions training starts January 2018 (earn $200-400/Day)

    • Gate Management
    • Parking
    • Ticket/risk band
    • VIP area
    • Customer Service
    • Cashier management
    • Bar(s) & beverage management
    • Food vendor
    • non-food vendor
    • Title sponsors
    • General sponsors
    • Media Sponsors/area setup
    • awareness workshop and activities
    • pavilion(s) Management
    • Band Directors
    • Artist Management
    • Security management
    • Law Enforcement Management
    • Festival Permits and Contracts
    • Graphic design and Promotional Content
    • Website Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Staging Development
    • Sound Management
    • Lighting Management
    • Launch Promo Party Management
    • Gala Management
    • Job fair Management
    • Event Staffing
    • Cleanup and Maintainers Management
    • Event Decoration Management
    • VIP Tent Management
    • Radio and Media Management
    • Print Media Center
    • Membership Management
    • Kids Activity Management
    • Contest Activity
    • Raffle Management
    • Tourist Management
    • Accommodation/hotel and transportation management 

    Awareness products and services 

    Awareness Partner

    We are a fast growing business looking for motivated individuals who are looking to become awareness partners for a good (contribute $250) Contributors will receive $500 each year, if 1,000 or more our festival.

    • Get an affiliate code to sell ticket on Event brite (earn 10% to your papal same day)
    • FREE VIP tickets
    • Participate in our movie (back ground extra)
    • Get 100 complimentary passes to give away to friends and family ( you will earn $250 if they attend)
    • 5 entry tickets to our Great Giveaway

     Ticket sales

    • General Entry Tickets ($25)
    • VIP Tickets ($75)
    • Participants Tickets ($45)
    • Family Kids Tickets ($10)
    • National & International Tickets. ($1K include 3 days hotel, airline, rental trans)

    Sponsors for the festival

    • Virtual sponsors ($250)
    • Bronze sponsor ($1K)
    • Silver sponsor ($2.5K)
    • Gold sponsor ($5k)
    • Platinum sponsor ($10K)
    • Job fair business sponsor ($200)

    Vendors for the festival

    • Food vendor ($500)
    • Non-food vendor ($375)


    • Basic membership $100
    • Business membership $250
    • VIP membership $1K

    Radio show sponsors $300/week

    Radio announcement and mentions of ads $50 announce 3 times

    Movie production with beyond life time promotion

    • On site production at sponsor location $5K
    • Drive by location in back ground $1K
    • Product placement with actor $500
    • Brand or product placement on signs, t-shirts or posters in the background $250
    • Movie extras for back ground scenes (become a member $100)

    Great giveaway 500 selected randomly to choose a company to get a gift.

    • $2/entry until September
    • FREE when you visit a sponsor business
    • 3-5 free entry when you purchase from a business online or at a local store