Great Give Away Ticket

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On September 1, 2017 we will be starting our awareness promotional campaign to home owners, students in colleges, high schools, clubs and several community entertainment event in the American, Caribbean and Latin. 

The Great Give Away is a program design to give back to awareness supporters, attendees and businesses who support awareness.

We will be entering all the supporting companies into a rotating drum and randomly choosing 500 people who fill out entry forms. Participants get to pick a one company  from the rotating drum to reveal the prize give away.

Should your name be selected we  (UCMI) will be providing several certified check to be use for a down payment toward the purchase of a new or used car from the participating sponsor selected if it's a car dealership.  Other companies will be participating with other products and services. Prizes will vary such as:

- 25 car deposit on the purchase of a new or used car from our supporting sponsors

- Back to school gift products

- Home improvement service contracts

- Home maintenance free yearly service

- 25 Car loan payments

- Phone bill payment

- Utility bill payment

- Car repair service

- New or used car purchase

- Hair products for women

- Free hair care service for men and women

- Restaurant gift cards

- Traveling Trips (Boat trips, cruise line trips, Airline trips)

- Hotel bookings Rental gift cards

- Gift cards/cash value $1k

- Electronic products (IPad, lab tops, desk tops, flat screens, large screen TV)

- Furniture, appliances (Stove, fridge and dish washer)