Food Vendor

Regular price $500.00

We are looking for vendors partners to sell food (NO BEVERAGES) 

Each time some one purchase a ticket we present them with a meal voucher rebate value $10 usable at any of the authorized food vendor booths.

Meal voucher for event
Food Voucher for vendors
Food Vendor $500:
  • Redeem up to 25 vouchers @$10/voucher (You can get back up to $250 from us.)
Upgrade Vendor Package $1,000:
  • Redeem up to 100 vouchers @ $10/voucher (You can get back up to $1,000 from us)
Vendor Partners $2,500:
  • Redeem 250 vouchers @ $10/voucher. (You can get back $2,500 from us)

Your name on the back of the ticket. (We help promote your booth on stage)

Vendor Sponsors $5,000:
We allow you to exclusively cater up to 1,000 meals for our special guest, VIP’s, Artists and Celebrities attending. (You can get back up to $10,000+)