Grand Opening

Ride For A Cause!

Participate in our Grand Opening 

We are bringing awareness to Gun Violence, Domestic Violence Against Women, Human Trafficking, Cancer and Homelessness therefore we wan't as many people to see and be aware of the what we are doing.
Our car parades will start from Miami and West palm Beach Florida and then meet at the BRP guided by security officers who will lead the parades.
Your company can display a supporting banner, advertise on cars or support one of the five causes we are promoting.

We are asking all companies to at least have one employee join this parade so we can place a banner, flag or magnetic sticker on their car.

The virtual/patron sponsor package is included with this offer.
Go to registration page to participate
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Group Support
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Auto Parade Sponsors

Miami to BRP

Partner with us in our Grand opening car parade

Car Parade

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