Business Opportunity

We are a fast growing, awareness company in a billion dollar industry with thousands of real time leads daily.

We are looking for Money Motivated individuals who are looking to make a six figure income and grow within our company.

Event planners and promoters looking to start their own business this is a business opportunity where you deposit $99 to get on board with us.  Get 3 people to join your team and get $99 back.
  • Website provided/Business cards and Flyers.
  • All IREPP are on 1099
  • Set your own schedule
Business opportunity
Independent Representative Event Planner/Promoter(IREPP)
You get will get an event promotional contract with us for $2.5K/year
  • Weekly  training & Update
  • Authorized to sell tickets
  • Authorized to give away free complimentary passes
  • 20% on any deal your recommend
  • Residual contract @ 10%
  • Monthly bonus on success of company quota
  • Weekly bonus if company meet quota

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