Products & Service prices

Awareness products and services we will be selling.

Awareness Partner

We are a fast growing business looking for motivated individuals who are looking to become awareness partners for a good (contribute $250) Contributors will receive $500 each year, if 1,000 or more our festival.

  • Get an affiliate code to sell ticket on Event brite (earn 10% to your papal same day)
  • FREE VIP tickets
  • Participate in our movie (back ground extra)
  • Get 100 complimentary passes to give away to friends and family ( you will earn $250 if they attend)
  • 5 entry tickets to our Great Giveaway

 Ticket sales

  • General Entry Tickets ($25)
  • VIP Tickets ($75)
  • Participants Tickets ($45)
  • Family Kids Tickets ($10)
  • National & International Tickets. ($1K include 3 days hotel, airline, rental trans)

Sponsors for the festival

  • Virtual sponsors ($250)
  • Bronze sponsor ($1K)
  • Silver sponsor ($2.5K)
  • Gold sponsor ($5k)
  • Platinum sponsor ($10K)
  • Job fair business sponsor ($200)

Vendors for the festival

  • Food vendor ($500)
  • Non-food vendor ($375)


  • Basic membership $100
  • Business membership $250
  • VIP membership $1K

Merchandise for awareness

  • T-shirt, hats, flag, etc for awareness
  • Awareness movie t-shirts, hats, posters, etc

Radio show sponsors $300/week

Radio announcement and mentions of ads $50 announce 3 times

Movie production with beyond life time promotion

  • On site production at sponsor location $5K
  • Drive by location in back ground $1K
  • Product placement with actor $500
  • Brand or product placement on signs, t-shirts or posters in the background $250
  • Movie extras for back ground scenes (become a member $100)

Great giveaway 500 selected randomly to choose a company to get a gift.

  • $2/entry until September