Marketing Services

Do you have and upcoming event or business you want to promote?

We have professional marketing and social media promoters ready to promote online call 1-866-473-6660 ext 2

Events include:

How it works

  • We create a event page on Eventbrite (sell product or just to generate estimate leads)
  • We embed an affiliate code that is hyper link into your flyer, so  that when promoters start marketing your promotion the link goes straight to your or business page, which keep track of our progress.

Optional service include

  • Website design $250
  • Flyer design $75
  • Area Distribution of 5,000 flyers $600

Sample flyers below, We promote for promoters.

There is a 10% commission fee required on any sales closed.

Setup fee is $199/Promotional request 

1 year service.  You get a FREE VIP Ticket to VIMF2018 ($75)