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Mr. P. Micklewhite Sr.  Event Director
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Our Festival Event Insurance Policy $500K"

This annual project budget is estimated at over $200K we are looking for investment partners, who want to earn great ROI each year and earn residual income from our festival pool each year.

Join our Investment Pool or yearly profit sharing, offer ends 09/30/17
20% of our net profit is split for all partners who join in our investment pool. 

You can earn up to $ 100,000.00 in 6 months investing in the production of this event.
This project is an Awareness Music Festival with Community Job Fair and Business Opportunity Workshop Events that bring together thousands of attendees from American, Caribbean and Latin communities with lots of recording artists, bands and DJ’s.

Investment opportunities are
• $500 ROI $250 Total return $750
• $1,500 ROI $750Total return $2,250
• $5,000 ROI $2,500 Total return $7,500
• $25,000 ROI $25,000 Total return $50,000
• $75K ROI $100,000 Total return $175,0000
If you are interested in buying into the stock ownership of United Contract and Management, please contact us.

This is also an opportunity to become part of a yearly festival management team where you can earn up to $25,000 per year if hired a project manager.  Click here to see available positions
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