Sponsorship Offers

Sponsorship Offers

Offer includes 

- Promotion on Radio, Social Media, Print and Flyer Distribution.

- 10 X 10 Booth space

- Product placement in our movie. 

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     Vibes International Music Festival Sponsors, Vendors and supporters 

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  • The HYPE Radio Show

    The awareness show is called “The HYPE” Helping Young People Everywhere. 

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Awareness Supporters

Awareness Supporters

Becoming a supporter of our awareness festival is just one of the many ways you can help your community.

Not because you are not affected or may not know someone who is not affected by cancer, sickle cell, stroke, homelessness, human trafficking or gun violence does not mean you or a family member can't be affected.

By registering your support there may come a time when you may need to get a job, pay a bill, raise funds, get help setting up a business or having support for a cause you are promoting.

Become a supporting member.


Question On Entry

Q. Are children free?

Yes, children under the age of 12 are free as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Q. Once I am in the park may I re-enter?

There is no re-entry once you leave the park.

What is not allowed at the festival.

Q. What can I bring into the park?

You may bring a still camera, blanket, wheel chairs, umbrella without a point, small foldable chairs, and small bag.

Q. What is NOT allowed into the park?

You may NOT bring video cameras, pointy umbrellas, coolers, chairs, beverages & food, weapons and bulk packages.

What you must know

Q. What does the VIP ticket give you?

VIP has its to restrooms, Catered food, FREE Bar From 12pm to 5pm and premium open bar 5pm - 10pm. There is also first come first serve seating, front stage access, and bottle service. Media and Artists also have access to the VIP area.

Q. What happens if it rains the day of the event?

If it rains the show will go on as scheduled. There will be no refunds available.

Q. Is there parking available?

Parking is limited please come early. Parking is  included with VIP ticket or membership.

Q. If I've purchased my tickets through your website, where can I pick them up?

If you've purchased tickets on our website, tickets will be available the day of the event at the Will Call booth located in front of the venue.

Please bring your ID, card used during the purchase as well as your confirmation e-mail receipt.

Participate in our great give away

Participate in our great give away

 Platinum ticket holders

Lots of give away

Special VIP Area (Eat and drink free)

Only Platinum can participate in great give away.

Condo or SF Home Choice, Pick a ride, Cash Payout, Cruise & Trips

Platinum Ticket Purchase
Shop N Save

Shop N Save

A great way to support is by using our shop and save link or search link.

* Clothing for men and women.

* Hair and weave

Thank for your support

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