We are bringing this awareness festival to American Latin and Caribbean communities offer opportunity, awareness education and entertainment to help teens and young adults to reach their full potential by enabling them to overcome poverty and injustice so they can fulfill their dreams and ambitions.  Please read our introduction letter/

We partner with supporters such as
  1. Vendors
  2. Sponsors
  3. Non-Profit organizations
  4. In-Kind Sponsors
  5. Virtual supporting sponsors
United Contract and Management Inc. (UCMI) has recently announced the dates for it's first exciting community awareness festival on 9/3/17 at the Broward Regional Park, Lauderhill, FL.

U.C.M.I "Where Entertainment, Awareness and Opportunity Meets."

Press Release
United Contract and Management Inc. (UCMI) has recently announced the dates for it's first exciting community awareness festival on 9.3.17 at the Broward Regional Park, Lauderhill, FL.
With the support of local and national business sponsors, vendors and patron supporters this annual event is aimed to help prevent lost of lives, educate about awareness and bring opportunity to any community.

We are bringing the largest international music festival dedicate to bringing awareness to several causes to the community. 

We connect bands, dj's and artists in an effort to bring awareness to all communities through music.


We are bring awareness to several causes to help children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty, Gun violence, Domestic violence against women, human trafficking, homelessness and cancer by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and achieve.

We measure our success in actual lives changed. These workshops and opportunities we offer are a testament to the difference our community awareness festival can make when we come together to create lasting change.


Teaching youths today allows for a brighter future, one in which they can both learn and teach. 


Educating people against preventable disease (Cancer) enables them to live a healthy, productive life. 


It takes an entire community to raise a children. Once that community is formed, anything can be achieved. 


We are dedicated to provided opportunities for all young people to live a better life. Our awareness music festival is design for all children and adults, without regard to their race, religion, or background. We strive to create a better world, and we thank all of you for helping us to achieve that. 

  • The opportunity come from the 100 plus people we employ at our festival and the hundreds of supporters we provide an opportunity to make residual income with us year round.
  • Job fair where hundreds of unemployed people can connect with employers.
  • Helping College  students: During our festival  students attending colleges and university participate in our FREE hourly raffle at the festival to win cash prizes. This allows them to get additional financial help to stay in school.
  •  Our community outreach center will provide a pilot program year round for anyone who register as an awareness supporter with our festival to apply for financial assistance with book to school, transportation or housing assistance.
  • Our Gift Drop for Kids: Family with Children participate in our yearly back to school gift drop a great way to help some families in need.
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